It may also be okay to like this.

Kudos go out to my cousin Charlie in Halifax, a filmmaker, for reminding me of this addendum to my last post re: commercial usage of poems. Perhaps as proof that Ford doesn’t have any original ideas anymore, those good Germans at VW beat them to the punch with this Dylan Thomas themed ad for their total shitbox urban getaround car, the Golf. Officially, Under Milk Wood isn’t a poem so much as a series of dramatic monologues written by a man most beloved for his habit of drinking too much and falling down writing verse. Still, this little ditty is most definitely in the club.

It’s not bad, either. Reminiscent of the Ford piece. Are there any more examples of this weird crossover out there? Somehow, I can envision a Frank O’Hara  soft drink ad, or Leonard Cohen hawking ladies’ rainwear…

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