You Might Enjoy Attending…

If you’re not too exhausted from your repeated trips to watch me read at the IFOA these next few weeks, I recommend going to the dual launch for Angela Hibbs’ new book of North Atlantic-Gothic tinged poems called Wanton and Nathaniel G. Moore’s ingeniously titled Pastels are Pretty Much the Polar Opposite of Chalk.

I had the chance to read Wanton in the copyedit stage and it’s got some really good stuff in it. I haven’t read the Moore book but, c’mon, you saw the title right? So now you want to go the launch and buy the book, right? I sure do.

The launch is at Mitzi’s Sister, down the road from my apartment, in idyllic Parkdale. And if the man and woman of the hour aren’t your kind of thing, the people at Punchy Writers Series were generous enough to truck in two of the absolute best poets working in this country to provide support and background vocals, namely Jason Camelot (who wrote The Debaucher, surely one of my favourite books of Canadian poetry this decade) and David McGimpsey (who wrote the transcendent pop-culture celebration Sitcom, and whose “Sandwich of the Month” column for Enroute Magazine is often the lone good part of flying Air Canada).

I imagine I’ll be there. I’m a sucker for great poetry readings set in buildings I can practically see from my house.

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