You Might Enjoy Attending: Launch of the Purdy A-Frame Anthology

I’d like to take some time out of the ol’ countdown to pimp for this Wednesday’s launch of an exciting new book from the people at Harbour, The Al Purdy A-Frame Anthology. The book was editing by late-career Purdy apprentice and noted Vox Pop roommate, Mr. Paul Vermeersch, and includes poems, anecdotes, excerpts, and architectural writing. The subject is less Al Purdy than it is the temple of Canadian Literature he built (with help from Milton Acorn) in Ameliasburg, Ontario.

The anthology is designed to be a fundraiser for The Al Purdy A-Frame Trust, a body tasked with raising the money need to A. Buy the house and then B. Convert it into a writers’ retreat and interpretation centre for all things Al. So, if you’re not Torontonian enough to make it to The Harbourfront Centre, you can lend a hand by purchasing the book either online or through your local bookstore.

The event at Harbourfront consists of readings, conversation, and both a live (ran by Steven Heighton) and silent (ran by yours truly) silent auction. Readers include Vermeersch, Dennis Lee, Michael Ondaatje, John Reeves, and others. Should be well worth the ticket, which you will now purchase for a measly eight bucks right here.

We don’t do stuff like this well enough in Can-Lit. Stuff like recognizing the people who make up your heritage and building something around them, something lasting and productive. The work of the Purdy Trust is an opportunity to stat changing that.

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