Trolling through the CBC’s Purdy pages

Hello all,

Just a quick hit, as I pause momentarily in the Knotting-Off Countdown to order some necessary books off the internet. The Al Purdy Fundraiser has come and gone, and been quite the success in the process. We pulled in over $2000 off the memorabilia sale alone, which included broadsides, ephemera, and one of Al’s very own silk shirts (thanks to auction master Steven Heighton).

This has put me in a very Purdy mood (get it?), and I’m re-reading Sex and Death today as I hop about Toronto making a handful of post-auction follow-up appointments. I thought you’d like to share the love by wasting a productive Friday in the CBC archives on Purdy.

They have a total of 13 TV and radio clips, so there’s lots to choose from. Some highlights:
1. The strange first meeting between Purdy and Atwood.
2. That John Reeves, photo, the anecdote concerning which provided the biggest laughs of the night on Wednesday.
3. Purdy discussing “At the Quinte Hotel” before it became a Tragically Hip video.

Have fun

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