Twenty-Four Pages of Pure Entertainment

I feel weird pimping my own stuff in this space, but a good man once told me that all uninvited advice is self-serving in nature, and whereas this is essentially a blog of uninvited advice, it feels refreshing to just come out with the self-serving stuff.

I’m excited to be moving back into the world of rolled-up sleeves that is the micropress community. My friends and former classmates–the poets, editors, and adorable lovebirds Leigh Nash and Andrew Faulkner have started a small press in their living room called The Emergency Response Unit. They put out their first batch of little darlings last year and now have resupplied with five more chapbooks of poems. Included among them is one from yours truly, named Vox Populism (Hey wait, isn’t that also the name of this blog. OhnowIgetit!).

A white cover looks awkward on a white background.

The other books are fellow Guelphers Elisabeth de Mariaffi’s long poem Letter on St. Valentine’s Day and David Brock’s comic horseplays in Gasmask Summer. As well, there’s Aaron Tucker’s cerebral apartments and Cameron Anstee’s generous Water Upsets Stone. I know the books have made an appearance at the Small Press Bookfair in Ottawa, and I imagine Toronto and Montreal are next.

My book is full of poems that I loved, picked over, and felt really bad that, when it came down to it, weren’t good thematic fits for the full-length manuscript I’ve been working on. Leigh and Andrew have provided a good home for some wayward poems about things like the birth of this man, a fictional civil war, the bird life that live here, a poem after a lyric from this handsome troubadour, one written on the official tour you can take here, and others. My fellow Responders have taken the opportunity to go thematic with their chapbooks, but as someone who tends to think in terms of book-length themes anyway, it was good to try and move the focus from the book down to the individual poem(s). I learned a lot.

Anyway, these books may be coming to a small press fair, specialty bookstore, or reading series near you. There’s a decent chance you might like them. And they’re cheap, too. You’re all out of excuses.

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One Comment on “Twenty-Four Pages of Pure Entertainment”

  1. Stephen Rowe Says:


    I’ll take one when they are put out.

    (They do put out….right?)

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