Knotting-Off the Plays (NOW Magazine)

NOW Magazine posted their top ten Toronto theatrical productions of the decade over here. Lots of recognizable names, even for a drama novice like yours truly. Djanet Sears, Michael Redhill, Morris Panych. Annnnnnd, most excitingly, noted playwright and Vox-Pop’s half-brother Mike McPhaden, for co-writing the ingenious The Gladstone Variations (see promo below).

Somehow, despite only getting to maybe a half dozen plays during my time in Toronto this decade, I managed to see the top two shows of the whole ten years. Variations comes in at #2 and Wajdi Mouawad’s staggering Lebanese Civil War parable Scorched is #1. I loved Scorched, but the audience experience is not unlike having one’s heart scooped out and fed to a pack of dogs. Tough theatre, you could say.

Here are the Cole’s Notes. If you want details, click the link above.

1. Scorched, by Wajdi Mouawad (Tarragon, 2007)
2. The Gladstone Variations, by Brendan Gall, Mike McPhaden, Rick Roberts and Julie Tepperman (Convergence, 2007/2008)
3. The Ring Of The Nibelung, by Richard Wagner (Canadian Opera Company, 2006)
4. Bigger Than Jesus, by Rick Miller and Daniel Brooks (WYRD/Necessary Angel/Factory, 2004)
5. The Adventures Of A Black Girl In Search Of God, by Djanet Sears (Obsidian/Nightwood/Harbourfront Centre, 2002)
6. The Overcoat, by Morris Panych and Wendy Gorling (Canadian Stage/Vancouver Playhouse, 2000)
7. I, Claudia, by Kristen Thomson (Tarragon, 2001)
8. Goodness, by Michael Redhill (Volcano, 2009)
9. Something About A River, by bluemouth, inc. (bluemouth, inc., 2003)
10. The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot, by Stephen Adly Guirgis (Birdland, 2005/2009)

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