Knotting-Off the Lately

One of my major inspirations in doing this knotting-off project was the annual list of favourite poetry books list put out by poet and noted Vox-Pop roommate Paul Vermeersch. Paul is as wide a reader of contemporary poetry as you’ll ever come across, and his lists always have a good mix of poets from down the street and across the oceans.

The list for 2009, in alphabetical order. Note: If you’re looking for publishers’ links, consult the original post.

To Be Read in 500 Years by Albert Goldbarth (Graywolf Press)
A Village Life by Louise Glück (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
Inseminating the Elephant by Lucia Perillo (Copper Canyon Press)
Lousy Explorers by Laisha Rosnau (Nightwood Editions)
Mr. Skylight by Ed Skoog (Copper Canyon Press)
Pigeon by Karen Solie (House of Anansi Press)
Something Burned Along the Southern Border by Robert Earl Stewart (The Mansfield Press)
Reticent Bodies by Moez Surani (Wolsak & Wynn)
Selected Poems by Dara Weir (Wave Books)
Always Die Before Your Mother by Patrick Woodcock (ECW Press)

I’ve read 5.5 of these myself (the Woodcock, Surani, Stewart, Solie, Skoog, and maybe half the Goldbarth). It’s hard for me to talk too much about preferences this soon after first readings (I literally put down Stewart’s excellent Something Burned about three hours ago). The collection I’ve thought about the most beyond that initial interaction is likely Moez Surani’s refreshing and (potentially) important Reticent Bodies. Bodies will eventually be my selection for Julie Wilson’s December blog project, The Advent Book Blog, and I’ve agreed to review it for The Mansfield Revue in the new year. It’s a winner–you people should go out there and read it.

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