Fun Internet Things

I’ve been wasting a lot of time browsing the internet for shiny new mind-nuggets lately, and thought I’d share the highlights. There may be other good things on the internet, I’m not saying this is the entire list, but I haven’t found them yet. This post goes out to all the teachers and students who are reading this sentence when they know full well they should be either marking or studying. You know who you are. Click on the Locales for the links.

Conspirator: Brian Foley
Locale: HTMLGIant, that oft-interesting hub of electronic poetry and hip thinking.
Gimmick: Brian has concocted a list of the 25 most important English-language poetry books of the decade. Consider it “Knotting-Off the Everywhere”. I’d give it more space here if it wasn’t for A. It’s basically a list of known quantities we should all be reading anyway and B. It’s doing that annoying list-making thing where it’s a list of “important” or “notable” things, not “favourite” things, which is the way we do it here at Vox Pop: personal, honest, and thoroughly invested in my own ego. Thanks to poet, performer, and noted Vox Pop amigo Aisha John for the find.

Conspirator: Alessandro Porco
Locale: OpenBookToronto
Gimmick: A Mississauga native, Alessandro inexplicably lives in Buffalo, where there is apparently a university set among the endless sadness and the people who look like misshapen old birch trees. Anyway, he has a really wonderful article in the new OBTO magazine about a Canadian poetry festival set in Buffalo circa 1980 that involved a pretty incredible breadth of Canadian poets (bissett to Atwood, and more than a dozen in between. It’s the kind of poetry journalism I wish we saw more of: diligently researched, broad-minded, and open to everything from cultural analysis to the bawdy joke.

Conspirator: David Brock
Locale: Spartan
Gimmick: A writer, condo owner, and noted Vox Pop poker enemy, David keeps this little sports blog running in the background, and occasionally weighs in with cogent and hilarious commentary on the stories and scandals of the day. He has this great piece about the recently deceased historical footnote, former Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry, whose baffling death was lost in the endless Tigergate newstrap this week.

Conspirator: Lauren Leto
Locale: Her eponymous blog
Gimmick: Leto, whose major blog creation is the amusing Texts from Last Night, has posted a hilarious re-imagining of the old “ideal readership” idea. She’s expressed it as a lengthy list pairing famous authors with their stereotypical fans. It’s close, but my favourite might be: O. Henry…Men who have names like Earl or Cliff and were really close with their paternal grandfather. Full disclosure–I completely stole this link from the folks at The National Post’s Afterword blog.

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