Knotting-Off the Lately: Starnino

Carmine Starnino, essayist, editor, critic,poet, and cage fighter, is also the man behind the curtain at Vehicule Press’s blog. He’s recently joined the cat-calling hoard and posted his own best-of list for 2009. For me, this is mostly a list of books that are working their way up my need-to-read list. I’ve properly digested the Solie, Tierney, Swift, Warner and Klassen titles, though. The Klassen one is a head-scratcher of the highest magnitude, but full of rewards. Likewise the Tierney and Warner. I’ve spoken highly of Pigeon before, and will always read anything Todd Swift puts out there. Poet and noted Vox Pop roommate Jeff Latosik posted this appreciative review of Paper Radio, which I need to get some time with soon. Same for the Sarah and the Clifford.

Here’s the full list, for Carmine’s conflicted introduction (complete with pie charts!) go to the Vehicule blog.

Jane Again
(Biblioasis), Wayne Clifford
Lean-to (Gaspereau), Tonja Gunvaldsen Klassen
Meniscus (Bibloasis), Shane Neilson
True Concessions (Goose Lane), Craig Poile
Paper Radio (ECW), Damian Rogers
Pause for Breath (Biblioasis), Robyn Sarah
Pigeon (Anansi), Karen Solie
Seaway: New and Selected Poems (Salmon Publishing), Todd Swift
The Hayflick Limit (Coach House), Matthew Tierney
Mole (Anansi), Patrick Warner

PS: Cheers to Vehicule for giving press to other houses and their books. Where else are presses using their webspace to foster the common good? Mansfield comes to mind. Are there others?

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