Knocking Off the Knotting-Off (Johnstone, Palmu, Vehicule, Wells)

I’m positive there’s more out there, but here’s a brief round-up of some recent favourites/bests lists I’ve seen in my semi-regular internet travels. This will be it for such list-reports from me. They are starting to stray from playful narcissism into just regular narcissism. I apologize for any role I may have played in this erosion.

Jim Johnstone (The Velocity of Escape) does his five favourite books of Canadian poetry this year over here on his blog. I at first thought it was a Decade list, not just 2009, and wondered why everything was so recent-skewing. Tee-hee. Oopsy Daisy.

Noted creator of internet-based anger, Brian Palmu, leads a lightning-fast tour through every book of poetry he read cover to cover in 2009. I wonder if he took notes as the year went on, or if this was all recall.

The Vehicule Press blog hands out a handful of Mosts & Bests. Thanks to them for picking Vox Pop as a favourite new poetry blog. I’m pleased, surely, but probably would have selected Table Music if I was doing the choosing. It’s a little more substantial than this one.

I’d like to think that my subtle nagging played a part in Zach Wells’s decision to list a collection of notable books he found over the past year. Lots of people seem to love Damian Rogers’ Paper Radio. I need to get my mitts on that one.

Lots of other lists out there, I’m sure. Some dude named “Ursus” picked mon ami Sandy Pool for his 2009 Top 5.

Okay. Now let’s stop doing this. We turn our bright attentions to new things…

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3 Comments on “Knocking Off the Knotting-Off (Johnstone, Palmu, Vehicule, Wells)”

  1. Brian Palmu Says:


    I was working with 15 or so of my own earlier blog mini-reviews, and I reread another 15 or so books. The rest was from memory.

  2. Hey Jake –

    Just a note of clarification – my picks are for 2009, not the decade. My decade list might have included the Starnino, but certainly wouldn’t have been as exclusivly recent.


  3. voxpopulism Says:

    Oops! Sorry Jim. Corrected in the post….

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