Chattering Classes (def.)

Chattering Classes” n. 1. People who read books, newspapers, and pay attention to the world and understand that taking your legislative ball and running home when you don’t like the score is shameful even for an eight-year old. Specifically, people who feel compelled to speak to this embarassing situation within their friends, families, and the general public, in the understanding that there is not so much an argument against their rage or disappointment, but only the continued suggestion that the issue is less demeaning to the history of the nation than they make it out to be. Eg. “I really appreciated Davey’s thoughtful and well-informed opinion about unmandated powers today at dinner, he’s such a chattering class.” From the English, via the unrhetoric of Stephen Taylor and other communications consultants. Syns: citizens, intellectuals, engaged humans. Ants: Tories, the boastfully apathetic, philistines, “real Canadians”.

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6 Comments on “Chattering Classes (def.)”

  1. Michael Lista Says:


  2. I’d take “Tories” off your list of ants., Jake. These guys ain’t Tories. It’s historically inaccurate to call them that. The Tories, like Buffalo Bill, are defunct.

  3. voxpopulism Says:

    Surely Grant and Stanfield are both long gone, but these folks are still referred to (casually, but both internally and in the media) as “Tories.”

  4. I know, and it’s erroneous in every instance. “Tory” is synonymous with The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, which no longer exists.

  5. voxpopulism Says:

    The word Tory is actually synonymous with the UK’s Conservative Party, of which the old Conservative Party of McDonald et al was a colonial and post-colonial off-shoot. If anything, this tradition was stepped away from by the PCs that used to rule nationally (and are still big in a number of provinces) though even they used to term when speaking casually. Whereas the current incarnation has a lot more to do with the former than the latter (and isn’t really a group of progressive anythings), I don’t have a problem with the nickname sticking to them just as it did to both of their ancestors.

  6. […] January 12th, 2010 Chattering Classes (def). A one-paragraph post inspired by an insipid provocation by a Tory cabinet minister. One of our […]

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