Canadian writers are not assholes to each other…

…like those Americans or Brits are.


All respect to Martin, and everyone else fighting the impossible fight to keep book coverage alive in our newspapers. But, really? I’m glad that the online comments section has jumped in with corrections.

From the paper that brought you “The War in Afghanistan will be over quickly” and “Paul Martin Jr. will be Prime Minister for 10 years”, another classic. Not to be an Old Media is Dead! doom junkie but, stories like this go a long way towards assuring me that honest, engaged, and responsible blogging is an absolute necessity. Because we can’t expect people who get paid to get things right.

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2 Comments on “Canadian writers are not assholes to each other…”

  1. Martin just wants us to think that because he kills all the nasty reviews that come in.

  2. […] Review in Globe and Mail Apparently, if you say enough negative things about your local newspaper’s weekend book section, someone from said book section will […]

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