Oh boy, oh boy. This is a tough week for blog credibility. First there was that last post about angry-blooded Victorian (pun intended) Poets Laureate, and now there’s going to be a review of upcoming readings and other public events. I’m very sorry for the latter. As for the former, I stand behind it. These things need to be said aloud, said by a whole atonal chorus of disparate voices with variegated preferences. But said in unison. As many people as possible should be saying, “This is not okay” and I understand it may be tricky for current or former British Columbians to do this, so I think I did the right thing by joining in.

But it hurts the heart a little, saying these things. It makes the hands dirty and leaves a decidedly unpoetic taste in the mouth. Gosh, this blogging is hard work. Methinks I shall award myself with a three course meal of self promotion.

1. PIVOT at The Press Club on Wednesday Feb. 10th.
w/ Martha Baillie and Damian Rogers. Hosted by Carey Toane

PIVOT, being the Toronto reading series most frequented by practicing poets, is always a good audience, and I’m excited to finally get to read there after a string of scheduling snafus. It’s also exciting to read with two women whose books I’ve read, enjoyed, and am quite honestly looking forward to hearing from. The Press Club, for the record, is at 850 Dundas W, that’s three blocks west of Bathurst. Show starts at 8. My intentions are to come, do my thing, and then drink the night away.


2. The Book Lover’s Ball at the Fairmount Royal York on Thursday, February 11th

I was surprised to be invited to this super-swanky black tie shindig. I’m listed on the guest list as one of the fifty “Celebrity Authors” in attendance, which is charming and all but, c’mon people, we really do egregious things to the word “celebrity” in this country, don’t we? This is for a great cause (Toronto Public Libraries) and if you can swing the ticket price, you’ll have a blast. My intentions are to come in my best blue and tan and not be thrown out of the hotel for ruining the black-and-white men’s dress code. I mean, I’m a “Celebrity”, I can wear what I want, can’t I?


3. The Launch of “Vox Populism” and other TERU Chapbooks at The Magpie on Monday, February 22nd
w/ David Brock, Elisabeth de Mariaffi, and Aaron Tucker. Hosted by Leigh Nash and Andrew Faulkner

I’ve been looking forward to this launch (and to holding my pretty new chapbooks in my hands) for some time. It’s a nice group of people to be reading/launching with, too. Tons of fun. The Magpie, for the record, is just across from The Press Club at 831 Dundas. Show starts at 7:30. My intentions are to sit in Dave Brock’s line of sight when he reads and try to make him burst into laughter.

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6 Comments on “Nadir”

  1. Brian Palmu Says:

    Nothing to apologize for, Jacob, in speaking the obvious truth about Rogers’ queenly entitlements. It should make your heart glad that you’ve done your small part in exposing hysterical, vain straw arguments. As I said in that comment stream, the most shocking thing is that it says a great deal about the BC writing community (and Canadian critics, in the main) that this was her first “negative” review. It shouldn’t be hard to discover why that’s the case.

  2. voxpopulism Says:

    Most worthwhile poetry should have people who consider it, decide they don’t like it, and express so in a public setting. In that light, it’s a service to the work, and the author. Which is what happened here. Anyway, I’m glad that the bully embarrassed herself while trying to punish her victim, thus negating the majority of her intended damage.

    I also worry that this kind of stuff decreases the perceived validity of other people’s much more legitimate, considered, and egoless concerns regarding critics and the critical community.

    I guess what I’m saying is I’m in favour of balanced rhetoric and honesty on both sides. But that’s like saying I’m in favour of motherhood, I suppose.

  3. You and Stephen Harper.

  4. voxpopulism Says:

    He only supports motherhood from conception up to birth. Afterwards, he’s not sure about public daycare, school funding, supported maternity hospitals, etc…

  5. Brock Says:

    Do your best, Mooney. I might bring a whoopee cushion or laser pointer to Pivot as a preemptive strike.

    And thanks for keeping Victorian’s honest: she was embarrassing me.

  6. Brock Says:

    Victorians. Sometimes I embarrass myself.

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