Influency 8

Hello all.

The newest incarnation of Influency: A Poetry Salon is now open for registration. Facilitated by Margaret Christakos, Influency strikes me as the near-perfect poetry discussion group. For a semester in the life of the University of Toronto’s Continuing Education program, poets present papers on other poets in a sort of intertextual parade. Participants join in with reactions, questions, and creative/critical interpretations. I’ve always wanted to sign up, but for various reasons it never happened. So I’m excited that Margaret has chosen me to be one of the eight poets in the eighth incarnation of the salon.

I’m not just saying this because I’m involved but, really people–if you’ve wanted to get back on the poetry horse but haven’t done so, this seems like the ideal way in. Good, hard, intellectual fun. Among nice people. And, apparently, someone brings treats.

It’s possible I’m sneaking out priviledged information (I hope not–if so, apologies to Margaret and Co.) but below you’ll find the preliminary schedule. Lots of good, smart people on this list. And I’m glad to be able to present a book I really believe in, Susan Holbrook’s Joy is So Exhausting.


Influency 8: A Toronto Poetry Salon

April 7 • Introductory lecture

April 14 • Sachiko Murakami on Carmine Starnino’s This Way Out (Gaspereau)

April 21 • Carmine Starnino on Jacob McArthur Mooney’s The New Layman’s Almanac (McClelland & Stewart)

April 28 • Jacob McArthur Mooney on Susan Holbrook’s Joy is So Exhausting (Coach House Books)

May 5 • Gregory Betts on Sachiko Murakami’s The Invisibility Exhibit (Talonbooks)

May 12 • Susan Holbrook on Gregory Betts’ The Others Raisd in Me (Pedlar Press)

May 19 • Ruth Roach Pierson on Carolyn Smart’s Hooked (Brick Books)

May 26 • Carolyn Smart on John Barton’s Hymn (Brick Books)

June 2 • John Barton on Ruth Roach Pierson’s Aide-Mémoire (BuschekBooks)

June 9 • Registrants’ Intertexts and Closing Salon Party

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