Of Afterword and Open Stage

Hey folks.

I did the Canada Also Reads panel today. With fifteen chatters (between defenders, authors, and moderators) it was quite the clustervuck of ferbiage, but I had fun and enjoyed the e-company. Moreover, it allowed me to leave the office at the height of this beautiful pre-spring day and walk both home to the apartment, and then back again, with the sun above me and a delightful little cross-wind. Do you hear that winter? It’s over. Anyway, you can see a full transcript of the conversation here. Fair warning, though: it’s in chat-room style, so you may need to reverse engineer the thing a bit to understand who’s answering which question when. And of course, here’s where you go to cast your vote. Do me a favour, just vote for Leon Rooke’s The Last Shot, even if you haven’t read it. What’s wrong, you don’t trust my opinions? Well, then what the vuck are you doing here, exactly? Huh?

Also, I can now announce that the second edition of the Harbourfront Centre’s Poetry Open Stage is scheduled for March 31st, and I’ve been given the very enviable job of host/MC/carnival barker for the evening. The winner (and likely a few runners up) get spots in next October’s International Festival of Authors. This year, Harbourfront has made two changes to the inaugural format that saw the competition won by some hack with limited html skills. Those changes are: a media sponsorship with the usually poetry-phobic NOW Magazine, and the removal of the 35-and-under age restriction. The participating poets include a number of Vox Pop favourites and regular readers. Here’s the full list:

Domenico Capilongo
Brian Day
Dayle Furlong
Len Gasparini
Sky Gilbert
Susan Holbrook
M.T. Kelly
Alexis Kienlan
Michael Lista
Irene Marques
Chris Pannell
Damian Rogers
Julie Roorda
David Sobelman
Fraser Sutherland
Matthew Tierney
Priscila Uppal
Paul Vermeersch
Patrick Watson
Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

The judges shall be the IFOA’s Geoffrey Taylor and Jen Tindall, as well as the poet and journalist Robert Preist. Get your tickets right here, boys and girls. Yessir, step up step up. This is stupendous, splendiferous, superlative entertainment…

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One Comment on “Of Afterword and Open Stage”

  1. Julie Wilson Says:

    You were great in the chat, Jacob. And this year’s list of poets for Harbourfront Centre’s Poetry Open Stage is worth WAY more than the price of admission. I’m there with bells on. Expect some heckling…

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