Optimisms/Open Stage Updates

Hey folks.

I’ve been a busy boy these last few days, and unable to tend to the blog like I’d want. And this is just a quick hitter. Something more thoughtful later in the week, I promise.

1. There’s still a handful of spots available for The Optimisms Project. We had to rejig the schedule a couple times, first for the Torontoist’s non-publishing on Sundays, and then for the Easter holiday. But we’re putting together a solid little parade now, dotted by some special guests that, though they may not hit that age range per se, are always welcomed voices in this country’s internal poetic dialogue. Send your email submissions to optimismsproject@gmail.com, folks. Submissions are very much still open.

2. On the off-chance any of you are fans of local daytime television, tune in tomorrow (Monday) morning around 11:00am to see myself and Robert Preist on Rogers TV’s “daytime Toronto” talk about Wednesday’s NOW Magazine Open Stage Night @ Harbourfront. For added drama, keep in mind that I’m working an overtnight shift at my job before this, getting off at 7, to North York for make-up at 9, and on TV trying to say smart things and not fall over at 11:15. Should make for good television, don’t you think?

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