And with that, Associate Professors of Narrative Studies everywhere…

…grew red-faced and pounded their fists against their dog-earred hardcover copies of Butler’s Giving an Account of Oneself.

Rebecca Newberger hits something on the head. With a big ol’ satirical mallet. The pullquote of record: “Above all, what convinced us that we had an advanced absurdist on our hands was the localization of Theory to departments of literature, the very experts steeped in the collective genius of expression, whom we judged to be as likely to embrace violations of the laws of sense and felicity as physicists to make merry with violations of the laws of nature. We looked to these colleagues to explain a poem to us, not to tell us our epistemology.” Thanks to Sam Kaufman’s Facebook feed for the link.


NB: This diversion aside, it’s still Turturro week. However, it’ll likely become something more like Turturro-nine-or-ten-day-stretch, as I’ve got S to D this weekend.

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