Interview @ The Toronto Quarterly

Darryl Salach found me in a somewhat beligerant mood recently, and that fact was reflected in my answers to his questions on everything from the upcoming manuscript to literary journals. Read the interview here. Feminist readers (and readers with passable tastes in beer) should note: I didn’t know that Budweiser poster was on the wall of the bar when I submitted the photo to Darryl.

The Toronto Quarterly isn’t something I know a lot about. Except that their publishing is ran through, a wonderful site with the single glaring flaw of charging Canadians a ridiculously overpriced (like 200% of a book’s cost, in some cases) Shipping and Handling fee. That being said, some of my favourite lulubooks include give a poor man god and watch him starve, by john sweet, and Judgement Call, the collected poems of James Lineberger, who wrote the screenplay for the film T*A*P*S before dropping out of Hollywood to become one of his country’s great underground poets. Now you know…

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