Meanwhile, in Canada’s Newspaper of Record…

Imagine my elation. I was clicking through the Globe online books section this morning and saw an icon saying that there had been nine (9!) comments on a recent poetry review. I was licking my lips at the possibilities. A sociopolitical analysis from a visiting City Section reader? A heady lesson on the economics of publishing from the ROB crowd? Oh what treats, newspaper of record, will you bestoy upon me?

Imagine my surprise when the review (of rob mclennan’s new book, btw) immediately devolved into what would appear to be the reviewer’s facebook page, as her friends drop by to talk about the Habs, the Canucks, then (to up the sublime a little more) someone else drops in with news that a regular commenter has passed away, then someone says something awful about that, then there is much internet melodrama, then, for no reason at all, someone starts speaking French.

Does anyone remember this controversy about the reshaping/removal of the Globe’s book review section from a ways back? Remember how we were told that more reviewing would now be done online? Remember how that wasn’t going to change the tenor or quality of the reviews? Yeah. I remember fairy tales, too.

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3 Comments on “Meanwhile, in Canada’s Newspaper of Record…”

  1. LH Says:

    It’s very sad over there in more ways than one, off line and on.

    Rob did a good job over national poetry month though. It was good to see those poet faces on the blog.

  2. voxpopulism Says:

    Agreed re: rob. No disrespect intended towards him.

    I guess what I’m frustrated by is how many newspaper articles I’ve read painting the online environment as rife with immaturity and triteness, just because that’s what newspapers come up with whenever they try their hand on online content.

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