King of the Remainders Table

At the Book City location on Danforth Ave, May 18th, 6pm EST….

Alas and alack and alarms, TNLA’s first known appearance on a remainder shelf. To make the medicine go down a little sweeter, I have it on good authority that Martin Amis was a couple titles down on the same rack. Thanks to blogger, playwright, and noted Vox Pop half-sibling Mike McPhaden for braving this gruesome find.

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4 Comments on “King of the Remainders Table”

  1. GM Says:

    All M&S authors end up there eventually. They’re one of the only poetry presses that remainders titles. Don’t sweat it. I warmed the table up for you years ago, I’m sure.

  2. LH Says:

    It’s kind of “arriving” isn’t it? Put your badge on and strut.

  3. m Says:

    I’d just be thrilled that they stocked enough books to make it to the remainder table. Small victories.

  4. It’s true. I once bought a George Murray book for $0.99.

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