Interview with Alessandro Porco at OBTO

I recently took some time out with Alessandro Porco, poet and blogger-in-residence at Open Book Toronto for the month of June. Reading Alex’s posts at OBTO this month has been a blast, he being one of those people genetically doomed to never speak anything but exactly what’s on their mind. The interview concerns my Critical Interview Series over at The Torontoist. Alex is a fan, it would appear.

I understand that I’m posting a link to an interview about interviewing. I understand what this means. I will try my best in the near future to be less of a steaming bowl of solipsist.

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2 Comments on “Interview with Alessandro Porco at OBTO”

  1. Alessandro Porco Says:

    Well, I hope I’m not “doomed”:) Thanks for doing the interview.



  2. Chris Banks Says:

    Nice interview gentlemen.


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