Fresh Fiddleheads

The Fiddlehead, Canada’s longest-living literary journal, now has a revamped online home. Those responsible have asked me to tell you that said home can be visited here. Also launched of late is The Fiddlehead Blog. The Fiddlehead blog claims to contain “news, recent awards, sneak peeks of upcoming issues”, but I for one hope for more. Places like the Vehicule Press Blog and The Mansfield Revue have shown us that a literay press can use its online presence for more than just back catalogues and promo material, that they can use it as a legitimizing springboard for discussions of poetry and criticism. May we all hope that the team at the Fiddlehead, which contains a number of Vox Pop readers, sees their blog as something that shines outward on the community, and not just inward on themselves.

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