I Went Into the Youtube and Brought You Back these Trailers

A few months ago I mentioned that a movie based on the Howl Indecency Trial was the opening night gala show at Sundance. That movie, Howl, would now appear to have a distributor and some sense of a release date. I’m generally wary of biopics that were neither A) directed by Milos Forman or B) acted in by a cross-dressing Cate Blanchett, but this would appear to be more period piece than birth-to-death accounting. I’m hopeful there will be no flashback scene in which a boy Ginsberg discovers his love for poetry in the aftermath of some family tragedy, but I guess I don’t know that for sure. Along with James Franco as Ginsberg, the movie costars David Strathairn and Mary-Louise Parker, as well as TV’s Don Draper, who is seen in the trailer performing the monologue from the lost episode of Mad Men in which Sterling Cooper takes on “Freedom of Speech” as a client. I don’t know. I’ll watch it, but I’m far from convinced I’ll like it.

Second on our menu of literary trailer links is the early preview for the film version of CanLit staple, Barney’s Version. I don’t know, kids. This one stinks of Generic Indy Dramedy to me. Like every Paul Giamatti movie boiled down to a thick soup of middle-aged frumpiness. I’m pulling for it, though. If only because Dustin Hoffman should have a resurgence one of these years. Is that Minnie Driver? It is, it is.

And, because the triptych is the most pleasing of artistic framing devices, and because I should post something I’m actually excited about, here’s the trailer for the upcoming Never Let Me Go adaptation. I like it. I like, especially, how the trailer never shows its cards on the dystopian setting of the story, much like the book I expect the movie will unveil its speculative set-up as needed, without the exposition that weighs down a lot of science fiction films. Without the book to guide you, this looks like the trailer for the next Merchant Ivory picture, but it has secrets that only the readers know. That Sally Hawkins is up to something…

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