Proof that Even the Books Know Amazon is Bad for Them

This one appeared to have had enough one day, and just refused to continue passively down the conveyor stream to the future corporate ownership of literature.

Update: It would appear that the footage of the box’s brave protest has been removed by the folks responsible (no filming inside the Amazonian Rainwarehouse, I imagine?). Too bad. If the video resurfaces, I’ll put it back up.

The question then becomes, what was in the box? A handpressed version of Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction? The new Naomi Klein? Maybe an ingeniously engineered piece of off-balance book design, snuck in by a former employee of one of Canada’s recently closed indie book shops, as a final Go Fuck Yourself to the big box culture? Who knows, kids. Until then, run, little revolutionary! Run away and save yourself!t wo

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