Buy a Shirt from Bill

Those of you with whom I’m on a face-to-face basis will know that the great extravagance of my otherwise dour and sparse lifestyle is T-shirts. I like T-shirts with fun designs, witty sayings, and otherwise good use of space. Imagine my elation, then, to discover that Bill Dunlap, one of my favourite cartoonists, has recently branched out into the designing of my favourite fashion item. A few years ago, when I was frankly a couple years too young to be publishing poems, Bill took a simple little poem I had written for a now-defunct online magazine and turned it into something infinitely cooler:

“And Starring Toshiro Mifune as MacBeth”
Bill Dunlap, 2006 (featuring “Idiot Creator” by Jacob McArthur Mooney, 2004) Click drawing to enlarge it

Bill was also one of the early readers of the poems that would eventually go into my first book. His website is worth blowing an afternoon exploring, all kinds of wonderful stuff, dealing with everything from religion to anarchism to mental illness. Anyway, Bill is now selling T-shirts. I’m going to buy some, but haven’t made up my mind yet. The finalists include:

This one, called “Brave Monster”

This one, with the black rings:

And, especially, this delightful thing:

Anyway, not that I want a troop of people I know walking around wearing the same shirts as me, but if you like this stuff, please go to his shop and browse around. Support, people. Support!

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