Vox Pop Presents: The One Most Overrated Lit-Blog Cliché

Alex Good and Steven Beattie have posted a Canadian follow-up to the recent HufffPo “15 Most Overrated Authors” article. Exhibiting all the major signs of the Cultural Inferiority Complex, the article both A. Arrived a little too late to ride the original wave and B. Is appropriately just a lil’ bit shorter than the American version, at ten to the original’s fifteen authors (But it still works! It still works!) Am I being a bad masculinist if I suggest that these kind of drive-by-wordings are things only us boys can conceive of as important?

Some names here I really agree with, obviously. But, there’s others with hinderances and obfuscations that are rarely as obvious in their work as in the dismissals of their work badgered around in informal criticism (Moure as cryptic and uninteresting, Ondaatje as bloodless and purple).

Anyway, in pure Canadian style, the sharpened pens of this article will be turned around tomorrow, as The Afterword brings us “The 10 Most Underrated Canadian Authors”. Expect the current social media bloodlust swirling over the Beattie/Good article to give way tomorrow to ten authors innocently posting about their surprise kudos.

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3 Comments on “Vox Pop Presents: The One Most Overrated Lit-Blog Cliché”

  1. LH Says:

    Yup. Still works. Even if you keep using the same names it works.

  2. NR Says:

    I can’t wait to see which underrated poet makes the top ten list tomorrow.

  3. Shivani had an underrated list, too. Just no one read it…

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