Just a bunch of whiny links who think they’re better than you people

I’m a busy man. I’m nine kinds of busy. I’m wicked busy. I’m brushing my teeth and learning Urdu as I type this. Not having time to chat, but still wanting to express my affection, I thought I’d share with you the internet destinations that have been seeping into the cracks in my schedule, like the first half of a basement sealer commercial.

1. My friend Elisabeth and her Toronto Poetry Vendors project is entering Round 2. The poets involved were announced earlier today. You can still get the poems from Round One via the machines cleverly located throughout the city. Here are the Fall 2010 poets:

Nancy Jo Cullen

Angela Hibbs

Jim Johnstone

Jeff Latosik

Michael Lista

Pasha Malla

Leigh Nash

Lindsay Tipping

Aaron Tucker

Zoe Whittall

Reflecting the delightfully claustrophobic nature of even mighty Toronto’s “young poets” scene, this list looks, as they always do, like a cross between the line-up at Pivot and the contents of my cellphone contact list

2. Speaking of Toronto poetry, The Influency Salon’s website has been updated to reflect issue 3 of their transformation from physical event to web-based event. I’m going to read that Lisa Robertson essay one of these hours.

3. Speaking of reading, what’s everyone else reading lately? I’m reading the new Tao Lin, the new Don Coles, and a bunch of European travel books. I’m working my way through Democracy in America, which I’ve been warned by the very list-happy folks at HuffPo is one of the most unread books out there. Also, the above-mentioned Jeff Latosik gave me this book for my birthday, which I may have taken as an insult if I hadn’t previously hinted that I wanted it.

4. Speaking of books, my new book is going well. It’s due to the copyeditor on October 14th.

5. Speaking of October, I’m hosting a couple events next month at the IFOA. One is a four-way reading on like the 27th, with M.T. Kelly and a really exciting international collection of folks. But the thing that may necessitate the buying celebratory fireworks is the revelation that I’m also hosting the Evening With John Waters event on the 22nd. That kind of news is positively Devine….

6. Speaking of the cantaloupe, I’d like you to read this magazine. It’s called Red Fez. The guy names Simonelli who edits the fiction used to run a really fun web journal called “LitVision”, and the poetry editor is poet and blogger Rob Taylor. It’s not new, apparently. Just new to me.

7. Speaking of magazines, the second issue of BC’s Poetry is Dead is now out. I like these people. They do nice work. Go buy one.

8. Speaking of BC, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be at the Robson series in April. We’re waiting for the funding word, but I’m hopeful that I’ll have a shared date with a couple west-coast poets. I’ll write more when I now it.


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3 Comments on “Just a bunch of whiny links who think they’re better than you people”

  1. Rob Taylor Says:

    Thanks for the note re: Red Fez. A couple corrections, though: I’m no longer the poetry editor – I recently stepped down after three years on the job. Also, as that last sentence of mine suggests, Red Fez isn’t terribly new – it’s been around since way back in 2003.

    I echo your sentiments on the first #7, and look forward to seeing you at the second #7!

  2. voxpopulism Says:

    Oopsies. I just assume that things never existed before I knew about them. Edited #6, and renumbered #8. Thanks!

  3. Ross McKie Says:

    Well, I am powering through Slavoj Zizek’s “First As Tragedy, Then As Farce” and re-reading, coz it’s wonderfully weird for its time, Flaubert’s “The Temptation of Saint Anthony.” (The last I’m using as a conceit in my novel, but don’t tell anyone.)

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