In which the gentlemen of The Afterword sweep into battle aboard another Silver Horse of Relevance

Over the last few days, I’ve been tweeting my slowly burning disappointment in CBC’s newest version of “Canada Reads“. It’s basically gone from “The people get to pick the books!” to “The people get to pick the books, but only from among newer (read: still on sale) titles!” to “The people pick new books, but no new books that are poetry or nonfiction!” I hereby bet $200 that one of the five finalist will be a novel written by someone previously featured on an earlier version of the contest. Democracy fail, kids. Democracy fail.

However, the trio of wise men at The Afterword have just now dropped down from their unlikely perch within the frozen, rotting TomTom corpse that is The National Post to rescue the concept from its originators. They’ve decided to do something called “Canada Reads Poetry“, which is exactly what you think it is. It’d be an honour to be included as a finalist, obviously, but to be honest I think the real fun is in being a panelist. So I, like many others, will dedicate some portion of my coming long weekend to deciding which book I’d like to give some voice to. Should be good. Whatever happens, I (and Vox) will be following along.

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