Playlist: In this Age of Creepy Poetry Ghosts

Hi folks.

Well aware I’ve been slackin’ off of late. I know, I know. Personal concerns, plus a project I’m doing re: the GGs, for another blog. I’ll get over both. I came across these decidedly bizarre “poetry animations” on the YouTube. They’re like a combination of PennSound and “The Country Bears” exhibit from Disneyland. I can’t stop looking at them, but I know they’ll give me nightmares…

Animatronic Emily Dickinson

Animatronic Edgar Allen Poe. Still more lifelike a reader than any present day “post-Poe” wannabe I’ve heard.

Animatronic Alexander Pope reminds me of a Chucky doll

Evil Animated Santa Claus sings an Irish Folk Song

Animatronic Hunter S. Thompson. Weird, it’s almost like he’s on acid.

Animatronic John Keats looks sick, maybe. Still sexy, though.

Animatronic Walt Whitman literally has The Adirondacks for eyebrows. He is America, after all.

There’s a lot more of these things. A. Lot. More. Here’s the account page of the crazy S.O.B. who’s responsible. Enjoy.


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One Comment on “Playlist: In this Age of Creepy Poetry Ghosts”

  1. Bah. Keats was Cockney.

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