Canadian Listerature 101: Principles of Predictability

Hey, look!!!

It’s a list of ten books either by authors with hyperactive online presences, and/or previously-obtained bestseller status! Weird. Who could have predicted that? (Spoiler Alert: It’s a photo of me.)

The CBC: Maintaining, for you and your grandmother, all the Canadian culture that can fit on the edge of a toonie.

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3 Comments on “Canadian Listerature 101: Principles of Predictability”

  1. voxpopulism Says:

    I suppose. I get that calling attention to the general Twittertude of the list is a little tough to do on a blog, but the book minority should know enough that when CBC says “the people” choose, they really mean, “the authors, their friends, their publicists, their publishers, their friends’ friends, and then the like 8 people who read Canadian novels but don’t personally know any Canadian novelists” choose.

    Maybe I’m just burnt out on the retail literature season. Too many lists make Jake a mean boy…

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