“They seem to have barely tolerated modernity.”

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Richard Greene, whose collection Boxing the Compass won the 2010 English Language Poetry GG award earlier today. Greene takes his place in a long, complicated, oft-infuriating tradition of past winners.

Speaking of infuriating GG traditions, CNQ’s Alex Good has returned to his annual “shadow jury” antics again this year. I was asked to take part in the discussion of the five shortlisted titles with Alex and CNQ poetry reviewer, Brian Palmu. Brian and Alex are two smart people I’ve found myself vociferously disagreeing with in the past, so I jumped at the opportunity to draw swords and muck about in the five chosen books. The results of this melee have just been posted over here on Alex’s blog. In brief, I didn’t like the list all that much, though my favourite among them did turn out to be the eventual winner. Sadly, Greene’s Compass lost out on the even more illustrious Shadow GG this year to Michael Harris’s Circus, which won the misplaced affection of my two compatriots, thus cornering me into selling my vote. Jurydum is tuff. I hope you like this thing. It was one metric shit-tonne of work.

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