Coles Review in Print

Hi kids.

I have it on good authority that the December issue of Quill & Quire is making its way to the nation’s better magazine stands this week. It contains my featured review of the new Don Coles collection, Where We Might Have Been. Kudos to Beattie and company at The Quill for making their monthly Feature Review column available to the oft-backpaged republic of poetry. They only do this once every few years, and we appreciate the nod whenever they do.

I liked the book okay. But really, you should read it, and figure things out for yourself. If a version of the review ever gets published online, I’ll be sure to link to it. Also in this issue: Michael Lista’s starred review of George Murray’s very star-able collected aphorisms, an Emma Donoghue profile, and the magazine’s usual “Best of the Year” lists.

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2 Comments on “Coles Review in Print”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Read it. Figured it out for myself. But am looking forward to your take. (For now, I’ll choose to weight your line as “I liked the book. Okay?”)

  2. voxpopulism Says:

    I liked it okay. We’ll sit and chat about it in the weeks to come, I imagine.

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