Paul’s Island

My friend Paul Vermeersch wrote a poem after Arshile Gorky’s painting They Will Take My Island. Then he started a blog and invited a small conspiracy of friends and Insomniac Press poets to take part by writing their own poems called “They Will Take My Island” and submitting them to the blog. The results of said experiment are starting to trickle in, and while the progenitor of the experiment has opted to keep it mostly under his hat, I suffer from no such modesty. So here it is. You should check it out.

Contributors to the project include Gary Barwin, Robin Richardson, Catherine Graham, Claire Caldwell, Robert Earl Stewart, Darren Bifford, Chris Hutchinson, Chris Banks, and now yours truly. More are coming, I’m told.

I wrote my poem in the voice of Michael Bates, the self-appointed “Prince Regent” of Sealand, the unrecognized nation of three people set on an ex-naval tower just off the coast of England. People, it turns out, wish to take Michael’s island.

This is a fun project, I’d keep an eye on it, if I were you.

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One Comment on “Paul’s Island”

  1. daniela elza Says:

    Is this an invitation?
    Or only by invitation?
    I fall for such things.
    In all the spare time I do not have.

    Most of my real work is done
    on stolen time anyway:-)

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