Calling all Catalogues (Retail 2011)

Hello, steadfast readership.

It’s almost time to start thinking about the annual torrent of “too-much/too-fast” that is the spring poetry publishing season. As I did last year, I’m going to be coming out with something of a annotated group catalogue. A map, if you will, to the chaos and blur of April. Last year I called this project “Retail: 2010“. This year? How about “Retail: 2011”? Sounds good, amirite? I’d like it to be bigger and better this time around.

A lot of presses have obvious, front-page, easy-to-discover catalogues out there in their intersphere. But not all. If you work for a Canadian poetry publisher, and have books coming out sometime between February and June 2011, please get in touch with me with a catalogue or at least a list of titles. My email address is on the Contact page of this blog. Looking forward to hearing from y’all.


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