Retail 2011: Coach House Books

The Coach House is next. Just two titles from nichol lane this season. CH has, quite admirably, started to really spread out their new collections. They did three last fall. Both of their two (non-reprint) offerings this year are debuts. That’s also a surprise.

Title: A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People
Author: Gabe Foreman
Release Date: April
Collection: Le Debut
What Bumf Say: “Gabe Foreman’s A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People is not your average reference book. It turns a series of sociological case studies into a functional encyclopedia that doubles as a unique, achingly funny, always engaging collection of poems. ‘Bridesmaids,’ ‘Day Traders,’ ‘Entomologists’ and ‘Number Crunchers’ are all dutifully catalogued in a series of luminously strange, compellingly original lyric and prose poems. The resulting field guide to our disparate humanity is often absurd, sometimes sad and frequently a mix-ture of both, as each entry unravels according to its own spidery logic.”
What Blurb Say: Jeramy Dodds keeps the tongue in the cheek with, “This compendium of bipeds makes all others obsolete.”
What Google Say: Here’s some poems from the book in the online journal with the tagline so planet-fuckingly obnoxious I won’t even say their name. Here’s Foreman and others (including yesterday’s Joshua Trotter) in audio on Career Limiting Moves. And here’s a rare online poem from Grain, which looks like it’ll probably also make it into Foreman’s Encyclopedia.

Title: Match
Author: Helen Guri
Release Date: April
Collection: Le Debut
What Bumf Say: “Robert Brand has given up on real women. Relationships just haven’t ever worked out well for him. He has, however, found a (somewhat problematic) solution, a new feminine ideal: the 110-pound sex doll he ordered over the internet. Showing an uncanny access to the voice of the rejected, unimpressive, emotionally challenged modern male, Helen Guri’s debut collection explores Robert’s transition from lost and lonely to loved, if only by the increasingly acrobatic voices in his mind.”
What Google Say: I’m into this strange conceptual piece, which is old and probably not in this book, from Science Creative Quarterly. Alternatively, this issue of CanLit will let you peek at her poem. Guri is also among the poets from a certain issue of Event discussed by rob mclennan over here.

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2 Comments on “Retail 2011: Coach House Books”

  1. Coach House is awesome. Alana Wilcox is awesome. I buy virtually everything they publish. I feel like I’ve developed a relationship with a trusted curator at an art gallery. It’s the only poetry press that I buy by the brand.

  2. voxpopulism Says:

    I’m pretty much the same way. Not every season is awesome, but it’s always worth checking out. I would put Anansi in the same bought-by-the-label category, too.

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