Retail 2011: Tightrope Books

We kick off the second week of Retail 2011 with Tightrope Books. Tightrope is something of an up-and-comer in the field. They are the people behind the much-bylined “Best Canadian Poetry” series. But they also do individual collections. As per below:

Title: Sunday, The Locusts
Author: Jim Johnstone and Julienne Lottering
Release Date: March
Collection: Third for Johnstone.
Timespan Since Last Book: One year for Johnstone.
What Bumf Say: “A long poem that probes love and loss in fragments of verse and hybrid-media collage, Sunday, the locusts is a post-apocalyptic tour-de-force. Drawing on a variety of disciplines including developmental biology, geology, and philosophy, Jim Johnstone and Julienne Lottering blur linguistic boundaries to create a unique collaborative text. Hymn, map, portent – Sunday, the locusts warns against inevitable extinction while also reveling in the vivacity personhood.”
What Google Say: I believe the rough breakdown for this collaborative title is Johnstone = words, Lottering = art. That’s the gist of it as I piece it together from the end of this Northern Poetry Review interview. More will likely come out about this book on Jim’s blog, which is right here. Meanwhile, as for his last book, 2010’s Patternicity, here’s Carousel magazine liking it and here’s Arc disliking it for, as near as I can tell, the temerity of having motifs.

Title: Contrary
Author: Ruth Roach Pierson
Release Date: March
Collection: Third
Timespan Since Last Book: Four Years
What Bumf Say: “At the heart of Contrary is an unflinching portrayal of the emotional maelstrom that overtook the poet as she faced the dying and death of her only brother. These are poems that mount an opposition, poems that contradict and argue, sometimes in jest, sometimes in deadly seriousness, poems that read unexpected messages into paintings and photographs, poems that are attuned to the dialectic undercurrents of living.”
What Google Say: Here’s a selection of Pierson’s Influency presentation on Karen Solie’s “Modern and Normal”. Here’s a poem from Rhythm Poetry Magazine. Her last book, Aide-Memoire, made it to the GG shortlist, so here’s the write-up provided by the jury for that and, always much more entertaining, here’s Alex and Co at Good Reports telling us what they think.

The Pierson launch already has a time and place. Here’s the facebook deets. The Johnstone isn’t set in johnstone yet, but rumours say March 10th.

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