Retail 2011: Insomniac Press

Next on the list is little Insomniac Press. Insomniac tends to do one book a season, with the occasional second title added for veteran poets launching collecteds or selected. This spring is one of those selections, with a short selected coming out from Stan Rogal called Dance, Monster! But, the major concern of this series is new work, so we move forward to there.

Title: Love Figures
Author: Sam Cheuk
Release Date: March
Collection: Le Debut
What Bumf Say: “In his debut poetry collection, Sam Cheuk attempts to invent a new way of truth-telling. Borrowing disparate techiques from self-censorship, identity performance and phenomenology, Cheuk reverse-engineers the parlance of postmodernism in search of the primal motivation behind expression, all the while asking the question: is a lie a lie if the liar shows you how he lies?”
What Blurb Say: Yusef Komunyakaa says: “Cheuk’s wit shows in the movement of each trope and through moments of adroitness where both pain and joy meet in the same line. Get ready for Love Figures, as the poet aims continuously and hits the mark slantwise.”
What Google Say: Here are Cheuk’s very first four published poems, from a 2004 issue of Exile. Sam did his MFA at NYU, with the above-quoted Komunyakaa as a prof. Lastly, here’s a somewhat clumsily-retrieved poem (more recent than 2004) than the Exile quartet, this one being from the LRC.

It continues tomorrow. Maybe. Or the day after.

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3 Comments on “Retail 2011: Insomniac Press”

  1. I think selected volumes deserve equal attention to new collections. The point of these books is to re-introduce the work to new readers, but that hardly works if the books are ignored BECAUSE they are selected volumes.

  2. voxpopulism Says:

    Cool. This, however, is a lot of work. So feel free to give equal attention on your own blog. I have to make concessions.

  3. […] collection from literary presses at the start of the year and it got to mine, which you can find here (don’t read the Exile excerpts if you want to maintain even a smidgeon for me, they were my […]

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