Retail 2011: Palimpsest Press

I like this press. They are well-organized and engaged and everything you’d want an itty bitty poetry publisher to be. Just the one new title coming out this season, though I understand that there’s something in prose by poet Shane Neilsen, as well. Here goes:

Title: Good Holding Ground
Author: Cynthia Woodman Kerkham
Release Date: April
Collection: Le Debut
What Bumf Say: “Good Holding Ground maps the awakening of sexuality and how our bodies and hearts respond. The sense of wilderness, the body out of control, is described in vivid detail in many of the poems. From sailing in the uncertain waves of the Pacific, to a cancer di- agnosis, Kerkham explores our place in nature and negotiates the varied relationships that have a powerful hold on us. These poems are at once personal and a testament to our times. In painterly and precise language, they investigate the diverse worlds of family and explore our ambivalence, anger, gratitude and desire.”
What Blurb Say: Patricia Young says: “By turns, tough, tender, elegant and disturbing, these spirited poems address the complicated business of being human. A debut collection well worth the wait.
What Google Say: Here’s a poem from CV2 excellent “jilted” issue from a couple years ago. Kerkham recently won the Malahat’s “Open Season” contest. Here’s the write-up on that. Lots of other recent clippings to be had off-net, too: Grain, Quills, more Malahat, etc. This has the look of a “long-gestated” debut, with a thick list of previous publications

A quiet friday for this project. I figure there’s at least another week left to go, still a couple bigger houses I’d like to present. Thanks to all for their encouragement and promotion.

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