Looking for a New Home

Hey all.

I’m looking for a new home for the “Critical Interview Series” I had been doing last year over at The Torontoist. Here’s an example. And here’s another. And another. There’s been a change in the editorship at The Torontoist and, while I imagine the new editors are great and everything, it seems like the right time to look for another venue. I don’t want to series to be hemmed in by Toronto-ism, anyway. I want to be able to talk to poets from across the country and beyond. So, I’m crowdsourcing for potential new homes. Here’s what I’m looking for:

1. Has to be an online market or blog. Can’t be print. Can be the online home of a print publication, though.
2. Has to be free to access.
3. Has to have some, however slight, outreach to the world beyond poetry. Even something as slight as posting the odd art or pop-culture story.
4. Has to be open to freelance contributors who might go away for months at a time, only to pop up with multiple interviews to post.
5 Has to be profanity-positive.
6. Has to be willing to post interviews within a reasonable length of time after receiving the submission and doing any editing process they might want to do. This may rule out markets that update on a quarterly or bi-annual schedule.
7. Doesn’t have to pay. The original home for this project paid very little, and really I’d prefer the freedom of not getting paid to the goofily underfunded sense of “professionalism” that comes with making, say, one dollar an hour.

Of course, I understand that Vox Pop fulfills all seven of these criteria but, I dunno. Asking an author to interview for ____ sounds better than asking them to interview for “my blog”. Interested parties should know I have an interview ready to go already, and hope to do several more to coincide with the upcoming Spring poetry season.

I can be emailed from the address found at this blog’s Contact Page, or found on “The Facebook” at /jmmooney or on “The Twitter” at @VoxPopulist. Or via the comment stream below. Or maybe we know each other, and we could just chat.


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2 Comments on “Looking for a New Home”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Canada Arts Connect, Jacob M. Mooney. Jacob M. Mooney said: Vox Pop: Looking for a New Home (please forward to anyone you might know who might fit) http://t.co/Xdgw15H […]

  2. m Says:

    I don’t want to speak for the Hound, but your series would be perfect on Lemon Hound. Or the Afterword, but they don’t seem to be into profanity.

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