Two Event Notices, and a Birthday Poem for Dave

Everyone doing okay? I’m alright. Two events this week I’d like to make certain is on your collective radar.

1. Emblem Editions (McClelland & Stewart) is putting out another anthology in support of PEN Canada, this one’s called Finding the Words. The last three (Writing Life, Writing Away, and Writing Home) were edited by Guelph academic and my personal-fairy-godmother, Connie Rooke. Connie’s death a couple years ago put these books on something of a hiatus, so I’m glad to see them come back with a new look and a new editor (The Walrus’s Jared Bland). You should buy one. Or go to the launch tonight.

2. When i saw that angela rawlings was putting on a trio of weekend workshops this month, I thought: I’m doing that. I’mma go and get my glottal stops on. However, it hasn’t worked out, and I’m going to miss the third of them on Sunday. I hear through the vineyard that space is limited, but someone reading this should still go, and report back to me their discoveries.

3. Lastly, 30-some-odd years ago today the world first saw of Dave Brock. Happy Birthday Dave. I wrote you this poem after stumbling home from the Intersteer one evening, at the conclusion of an impassioned, many-headed debate about music. Or movies. Or something…

Creep, by TLC, is a Better Song than Creep, by Radiohead
for David Brock

………and what I mean by that is I’m learning
to walk backwards. And I owe you forty cents.
Lean on the contention in the sentence’s
facade. Spot the blots in the paint
that suggest the face of Jesus.
Now let your limited query lick the edge
of bigger problems. Race relations, bullyhood.
Let it glow within the argument. Let the pre-rebuttal silence
weigh down your final drink.

I spilled the songs on the grain of the table
and read the patterns they produced. I have grown proper old,
I can wet the bed for science. Proclaimers know the terrain
that affords the cleanest leap.
They can adjust for the wind in mid-air.
Smile and speak clearly. All punditry
is plainspokenness and lab coats. Be observant, democratic.
Write “Wisdem” on a napkin, stick it to your forehead
with spit and go outside.

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One Comment on “Two Event Notices, and a Birthday Poem for Dave”

  1. kylan Says:

    The good news is that, even during our tough economy, you can find these funny birthday poems, often for free, on the Internet

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