Interview with Adam Seelig up at The Walrus Blog

Hi everyone.

Lots of love goes out to the various bloggers, editors, and webpeople who wrote in with suggestions and offers of new homes for my Critical Interviews series. I was a little overwhelmed by the response (free content, for arts blogs, who knew that’d be a hit??) and it took me a few days to filter through the options.

I’ve taken Matt McKinnon at The Walrus’s blog up on his offer to host the series. Matt runs the electronic side of a magazine that has the audacity to put a poem up along side, say, a think piece on the psychogeography of Vancouver. These are good people. They are taking poetry out on play dates.

So, the first interview in the series is now up in the gorgeous e-environment that The Walrus provides. It is with Toronto/Vancouver playwright and poet Adam Seelig, author of the new long poem/novel/typographic experiment, Every Day in the Morning (slow). Adam’s a good guy, and was willing to live with the epic waits that sometimes took place between my questions. Here’s the interview. Hope you like it.


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