Carey and de Tocqueville

I am presently on, maybe, my third honest try at finishing Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America. I’m reading it on my shiny new kobo, which helpfully tells me that I’m 21% of the way through on this go. My attempt to sustain my electronic multimedia reading experience led to the following video find. Peter Carey is someone I don’t know that well (I’ve read His Illegal Self, that’s it). But I’m putting his new novel on my list. I’m into de T. for the same reason Carey is, and it’s warming to know of a fellow traveler or two out there. de Tocqueville is an eerily precise (and generous) critic of the America 180 years beyond his words.

The bit Carey has comparing historical fiction to science fiction, right at the end, is worth clicking play by itself.

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One Comment on “Carey and de Tocqueville”

  1. Gillian W Says:

    Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang is pretty phenomenal. Read that one for sure.

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