Folk Comes Out Today

Or rather, today is the official in-stores day. I understand some stores have been ignoring the “Do Not Open Until March 29th” sticker. I’m in favour of that. I’ve been selling my own copies for, like, two weeks now.

At midnight tonight, when Folk officially comes of age, it and I are running off to the border to get married. We are tired and bored with you people. Probably, we’ll make it back to town in time for the launch.

Edit: The unabashed poetry cynic in me wants to change the plural “stores” in that first sentence to just “store”. But I’m going to sleep on it first and see how I feel about it in the morning

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2 Comments on “Folk Comes Out Today”

  1. Carleton Wilson Says:

    Congratulations on the official launch of Folk, Jake. Glad I was able to pick up a contraband copy the other night from you at your reading. Cheers!

  2. Anna Says:

    Oh, man. You mean now when I buy it, it’s going to be legal? Suck-er-oo. I feel so left out. Do you think Vancouver has no appreciation for contraband culture?

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