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5 Books (that aren’t mine) I’m Looking Forward to Reading Next Spring

October 27, 2010

I’m getting the copyedits back for the new collection today. This perhaps puts me in a more future-facing frame of mind than I’d be on any other October wednesday. I’ve been curious, lately, about who I might run into out there on the various reading circuits. It looks like a good crop of new books, exciting to be a part of. I thought I’d share five of my most anticipated 2011 titles (well, five of the six). But I wonder what else is out there, that I’ve missed?

Nick Thran
Nightwood Editions

Nick’s new book (his second) is going to be ridiculously good. He read selections whilst in Toronto last fall and it’s likely the one poetry reading from 2010 I’ll remember in 2015. Pop culture done smart, done wittily, done as setting instead of as theme, Earworm looks brilliant and is already on my shopping list for this coming April.

unknown title
Mark Callanan

I think I’ve said this before, but I think Callanan’s first collection, Scarecrow (Killick, 2004) is one of the most underappreciated books Canadian poetry has produced this century. His long chapbook (it’s like 40 pages) Sea Legend is excellent, too, and now that it’s sold out I’m not ever going to have my own copy *pout*. Signal and Nightwood have probably put out more really good books these last few years than any other press. Lots of reasons to want this one…

unknown title
Ken Babstock

All I know about this thing is that it’s the new Babstock, and it’s in the spring Anansi catalogue. Sold. I actually know the title too, and it’s a good one, but I don’t think it’s “public knowledge” yet.

Origami Dove
Susan Musgrave
McClelland & Stewart

It’ll be an absolute honour to launch with Susan Musgrave next year. She’s been one of my favourite Canadian poets for as long as I’ve been reading poetry, and I can’t wait to hear a whole book’s worth of new stuff. The pre-order link is already up on the M&S website.

unknown title
Adam Dickinson
unknown press

This one’s kind of a hunch. Dickinson’s been writing about plastics (yes, plastics) for a few years now. I saw him read a bunch of these poems about a year ago, and they’re shockingly good (yes, plastics). I don’t know if they’re ready yet, but I’m hopeful enough to put this on my list. Yes, plastics. Seriously, they’re excellent. Read some for yourself.

I’m likely missing out on a few. I spent a few moments trying to trick a couple press’s websites into showing me future lists. Likely, there’s twenty more books I’ll want to read that I’m yet to hear about. Do people have their own wishlists?