Folking the Road, 2011

I have a new book. It’s called “Folk” and is available for purchase here from my publisher, McClelland & Stewart. Alternatively, I’d love it if you picked up a copy at your local independent bookstore. For Toronto readers, I can’t recommend highly enough to services at Type Books on Queen, or Ben McNally on Bay. There’s lots of other places to pick it up to. If you need a recommendation, please email me. While copies will likely be plentiful at all the big-box stores, I’d like to ask you to delay hitting one of them up until after exhausting other options, or if your geographical reality demands online book-buying (and even then, it’d be best to go through the aforementioned publisher. Or you could just ask me for one. Skip that middleman, kids. It’s not hard.)

I’ll be doing a number of public readings in March, April, May, and June, before heading off to Dawson City to write the summer away. You should come visit. Identify yourself as a reader of the blog, and receive a firm handshake of gratitude. I’ll be updating this space with more readings, added co-readers, and an extension for life after Dawson (likely to find me in such places as Whitehorse, Winnipeg, and various Ontario locales). I’ll also link these dates to facebook event pages when they appear.

Look forward to seeing you on the road.



TORONTO: March 18th, Fireside Culture Week at The River Trading Company
w/ Aisha Sasha John (The Shining Material, Bookthug, 2011), Jeff Latosik (Tiny, Frantic, Stronger, Insomniac Press, 2010), Sachiko Murakami (The Invisibility Exhibit, 2008, Talon), Leigh Nash (Goodbye, Ukulele, Mansfield, 2010), and Paul Vermeersch (The Reinvention of the Human Hand, M&S, 2010) (FB invite)

TORONTO: March 22nd, Art Bar Reading Series
w/ Jeffery Donaldson (Palilalia, MQUP, 2008) & Pamela Porter (Cathedral, Ronsdale Press, 2010)

MONTREAL: March 27th, Pilot Reading Series
w/ Richard van Camp (The Moon of Letting Go, Enfield, 2010), Susan Briscoe (The Crow’s Vow, Vehicule, 2010, Antony di Nardo (Alien, Correspondent Brick, 2010), and others (FB invite)

TORONTO: April 11th, The Dora Keogh
official FOLK launch party. (FB invite)

BURLINGTON, April 19th, Burlington Public Library
Builders Room, 7pm (Series homepage)

VANCOUVER: April 21st, Robson Reading Series
w/ Susan Musgrave (Origami Dove, M&S, 2011) & Matt Rader (A Doctor Pedaled her Bicycle Over the River Arno, Anansi, 2011) 7pm. (Series homepage)

TORONTO: April 28th, Speakeasy Reading Series
co-readers and location to be confirmed

TORONTO: April 29th, Diaspora Dialogues at Toronto Public Library
with Rebecca Applebaum (playwright), Lorna Goodison (By Love Possessed, M&S, 2011) and others.

TORONTO: May 4th, Pivot at the Press Club
co-readers to be confirmed

TORONTO: May 11th, Authors at Harbourfront Centre
w/ David Adams Richards (Incidents in the Life of Markus Paul, Doubleday, 2011) & Madeleine Thien (Dogs at the Perimeter, M&S, 2011) (Tickets available here)

NEW YORK: May 20th, Vernon House at NYU
w/ Nick Thran (Earworm, Nightwood, 2011) & Matthew Trafford (The Divinity Gene, Douglas & McIntyre, 2011)

HAMILTON: June 5th, Lit Live Reading Series
co-readers to be determined

2 Comments on “Folking the Road, 2011”

  1. […] made a page to keep track of the various readings and whatnots going on in support of the new book. I have a […]

  2. Heather Cadsby Says:

    Congrats Jake. Lots to say but for now I’ll add a bookstore. For anyone lives way west on Bloor Street there’s The Book Mark. Good store. Been here for years.


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